Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 The Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 Limited Edition: launched 300 units at the Geneva Motor Show

City Car

As the name suggests a city car is a car designed for use in urban areas, they are compact and highly manoeuvrable. 'City cars' is sometimes used as an umbrella term for a small car, also known as subcompacts or superminis.

Size wise a compact car fits between a supermini and a mid-sized car, such as a saloon or hatchback, in Europe they would fall into the C-Segment category.

A crossover is a combination of two different types of vehicle, normally a SUV is crossed with a hatchback, city car or MPR. Crossovers are relatively new additions to the car market, but there are many examples, including the Nissan Juke, a compact SUV, and the Peugeot 3008 a mix of hatchback and SUV.


An estate car, or station wagon as it is known in the US, is a saloon car with an extended boot area. Due to the amount of boot space estates make good family cars.


A hatchback is similar to a saloon except access to the boot is through a large rear door, that often incorporates the window, whilst a saloon has a lift up boot lid. Hatchbacks are available as three or five doors, and many hatchback models, such as the Volkswagen Golf, Peugeot 207 and Ford Focus, have saloon versions to.

Hot Hatch

Hot hatch is an informal term for a hot hatchback, a three or five door hatchback that is considered to be a 'high performance' car, i.e. they are fitted with turbocharger and offer a sporty driving experience. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is commonly touted as the original hot hatch, and is still very popular today.

The 3008 combines Hybrid4 2.0 HDI FAP engine of 163 hp and electric 27 kW (37 hp) extra. The latter to operate the rear axle, so it is all wheel drive.
With a maximum power of 200 hp, achieves a consumption of 3.8 litres/100 approved and emissions of 99 g / km of CO2.

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