Thursday, March 31, 2011

2010 the AUDI A4 was warmly received by critics and customers alike

First entering production in 1994, the A4 was warmly received by critics and customers alike. Since then it has had two major re-developments over the last 16 years, first in 2005 with that generation running through to 2008 and then, secondly, the latest generation of the car which is the Audi A4's best incarnation so far.

Critics have always been impressed with Top Gear explaining that "Audi has produced a 3 Series rival that...offers truly fantastic ride quality" and is part of the "new generation of Audis...that have learned how to ride".

Seen as a competitor to the BMW 3 Series, the question then becomes, what is the entry price for the vehicle. Depending on your requirements, its on the road list price ranges from £22,190 to £37,290. However, if you utilise car finance you can pick up a brand new version of the Audi A4 for just £309 a month on contract hire leasing deal if you are a business (and use it solely for business) or £376 per month for a retail shopper if they take it on a car leasing contract known as personal contract hire.
At Leipzig or Ingolstadt, Audi A4, was chosen as the most popular car. For the ninth time, more than 100 weekly newspapers in the former East Germany had invited readers to vote for "Our car". For a choice, at voting, have been registered 56 car models, launched during the last couples of years. There were received over 100,000 opinions, pointing at the Audi A4 as being the first choice at the poll.

Audi A4 enjoys numerous awards - including the "Golden Steering Wheel" awarded by the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag", the trophy "Auto 1" from "AutoBild" being named the best new car in Europe. Audi A4 follows a story of success by receiving the name of "Our Car". It is the fourth time when the brand with four rings wins at the readers' poll. In 2001, the old generation Audi A4 took first place position, in the 2005 Audi A6, and last year, the Audi TT. The award was given during the AMI in Leipzig. At the event of "Our Car" awarding in 2008, two other Audi models were ranked in the top ten as most popular car in German.

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