Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Volt is one of the most anticipated cars

Two of the top competing electric/hybrid vehicles currently on the market in the USA happen to be Nissan's Leaf and Chevy's Volt. While the Volt is actually a hybrid vehicle that has a rather extensive range, and the Leaf is purely an electrical vehicle, the two models do share some similarities as far as price, mileage per charge or per gallon (Volt) and safety specs are concerned. Let's take a look at how they stack up to one another, and even take a peek at their pricing so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs.

Overall Range

The Leaf is the winner as far as being most environmentally friendly is concerned. It has an engine capable of just over 100 horsepower and on a full charge it can go just over 70 miles; however, it takes a few hours to charge up the high performance battery. The Volt makes sense for green drivers that want more out of their money at the pump. You can get about 35 miles on a charge and nearly 400 miles from a full tank of gas. Volt offers 37 MPG, whereas the Leaf offers about 99 MPGe, which the Volt ranks near to at 93 MPGe.

In the event VIII Annual Global Green USA pre-Oscar awards, held in Hollywood (California) on Wednesday, celebrities posed for a photo with the Chevrolet Volt by 2011. The list was extended to various celebrities including director James Cameron and actor Dennis Hasbert.
Leonardo DiCaprio was one of those who came to the Oscars a few years ago in a Toyota Prius. Since then, some famous boldly led to the Cadillac Escalade hybrid.
The question is: What will be the vehicle that draws more attention to the Academy Awards?. We have to wait until tomorrow night to know the answer.

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