Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a Pair of Concepts Ford

The '62 model year also saw the introduction of the Squire model of the 4 door station wagon. This was the beginning of the typical wood paneled wagon which became a part of American history. Also available was the Futura model which was a slightly fancier version of the 1962 Ford Falcon. Inside owners got upgraded upholstery, factory installed safety belts, unique body emblems, and a set of different body trims. Most models were redesigned so that they would be more similar to that of a Thunderbird. Another model available was the 2 door Futura Sedan "Illusion Hardtop" which used only a flat rear window with chrome trim.

While the Ford Falcon was very popular immediately after its creation, by the end of the decade it quickly became outdated. Nonetheless it still remain an important part of American history and has been sough after by many enthusiasts. The popularity and large scale production back in the 60's makes finding original parts relatively easy. Buyers looking to restore an old car may want to consider one of the many Falcon models.
Commenting on his design, Nima Nourian said he tried to pay tribute to the original 1979 Interceptor while looking into the future.

"There are some great scenes in the first movie with high-speed chases and clashes with the bad guys, and I thought I'd take that one step further," he said. "So instead of having weapons and machine guns, we've got an industrial strength taser that'll zap cars dead and out of the way.”

Simon Brook said his concept takes styling cues from today’s FG Falcon series with touches from the original Interceptor. "I wanted to keep it clean and aerodynamic in its essence, but still brutal and tough," he said. "During high-speed pursuits, the wheel's inner spokes on my design would pop out and start ripping up other cars," Brook said. "They'd do some serious damage to other people's vehicles."

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