Thursday, March 3, 2011

no doubt 2011 the Honda CBR 1000RR is one of the hottest bikes

It is extremely necessary on these high performance bikes to have HID's installed on them. These HID lights will shine your way as you cruse at blazing speeds on freeways, further the look and feel of the bike is also enhanced with these headlights give a dramatic face lift to your bike. As the main function of headlights they allow you to see further at night and better as well, easing the work for your eyes as they do not get strained by the light emitted as it is very similar to that emitted by the sun. The Xenon headlights are long lasting and mostly outlast the bike itself. The secret to its life is they do not use a filament which is prone to damage and greatly decreases the durability of halogen bulbs. If you think you are good with the basic tools then you can easily self install the HID kit but it is better to leave it to the professionals.

The Xenon HID Bulb use up 35 W and produces 6000k temperature and blazing brilliant white light. It needs an input of 9-16V battery and draws 3.4 Amperage which is 50% less than the conventional halogen headlights. To ballasts need a constant 35W to maintain the steady flow of lights as it used an Advanced Ballasts System that is why the light does not flicker or disrupt on bumpy roads.

2011 Honda CBR1000RR sport motorcycle
Honda Electronic Steering Damper

Power is one thing, but the key to a great sportbike is how it handles, and that’s where the Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) comes in. Compact, unobtrusive and super-smart, it helps maintain smoothly predictable high-speed handling and low-speed maneuverability.
2011 Honda CBR1000RR bike

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