Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2010 Audi RS6 Avant is a car that you should

Audi RS6 is one of the most famous products of the famous German automobile company Audi AG. Technically, we can name this car as a high performance mid-sized luxury executive car. The term "Renn Sport" is the full form of RS, which basically stands for Racing Sport or Motor Sport.

Audi used some advanced techniques while launching all its RS models including the RS6. This car includes one of the most powerful internal combustion engine, in comparison to most of the other Audi models. The engine of this car is even more powerful than the larger sized engine of Audi S8. It is also facilitated with Torsen Based Quattro Permanent Four Wheel Drive system, which makes it stand out from other models of its group.

Audi RS6 Cargraphic

On the inside of the 2008 Audi RS6 Avant you'll find all the luxury that you have come to expect from the Audi name. The interior is definitely a step up above the S6 and you can begin to see where those "extras" come into play with the RS6. The seats are sporty and boast nappa leather. Carbon fiber trim is used in the vehicle and the shift paddles are aluminum. The dash top is attractive and made of leather and you'll notice that the steering wheel is a flat bottom one.

Of course with all the excellent features of it comes a pretty hefty price tag, falling just a bit short of $100,000. In spite of the high price tag, this is a great car to consider if you are looking for a luxury family car that is just packed full of power. It comfortably seats five people, so you'll be sure to get the whole family in comfortably. Most of all, no matter where you are going, you'll be sure to get there quickly with the fastest wagon out there on the market today. So, for those looking for a family car that is packed full of great options and power, the 2008 Audi RS6 Avant is definitely a car to consider.
Audi RS6 Cargraphic

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