Friday, February 25, 2011

New BMW 760Li Yachtline Cars Specification And Reviews

BMW 760Li Yachtline Cars Wallpapers And Reviews

Marking the introduction of the BMW 760Li to the press, BMW Individual presents the concept car 760Li Yachtline, a true masterpiece in automobile

construction. With this exceptional interpretation the division of BMW M, founded back in 1992, has once again produced proof of its competence:

The concept car 760Li Yachtline, designed by BMW Individual, features a carefully selected combination of exclusive equipment, which gives this car
BMW 760Li Yachtline Concept 2002 005
its authentic yachting character.

The 760Li Yachtline enables many BMW 7 Series customers who have a passion for yachting, to show their passion through their choice of car.
You are sailing the seven seas by yacht. But which is the appropriate saloon to go with it? BMW Individual answers this question with a most distinctive interpretation of the BMW 760Li.

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