Monday, May 2, 2011

This is not verifiable, but a Shelby GT 350 #6s966 may have been pulled out of a Kansas garage after 30+ years

This story has issues, but notice the photo of the GT 350 doesn't have the H after the GT 350 on the rocker panel decal, and the story claims it is a GT 350 H rent a racer Hertz car with original paint.

the original story but Jalopnik has the story!5787316/how-a-66-shelby-gt350-was-hidden-in-trash-for-26-years as March 30th 2011 and writes that it's a Hertz rent a racer GT 350 H, and the Leake Auction website has no story to go with the photo gallery of the GT 350 that does not have an H after the GT 350.

The CNN video news clip never mentions Hertz.

Shelby Forums says that this will be written up in the Spring 2011 issue of the Shelby American

Images from
I learned about this story from Robert L and his link was to the Kansas City Star article:

The SAAC forum addresses this story and in the thread they state it was orignally a GT 350 H red and gold, but now has a replacement engine as well as a repaint

If anyone knows more about this, or has read the spring 2011 Shelby American, please drop me an email and add anything you can to this story

Thanks to Chad Lawhorn the story writer from the Lawrence Journal for sending me the link to the original article!

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