Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New generations of CHEVROLET CAMARO SS

The 2010 Camaro is one of the few cars coming out very nice design as the prototype of the study. Instead of providing an updated fifth-generation Camaro, sometimes abused the retro theme has been selected, listening to the signals new design that made the car a big hit when it debuted in 1967. However, Chevrolet has done a wonderful job of evoking the flavors of the past with modern comforts. But how to handle the new Camaro 2010?

Camaro RS

Several trim levels are available to make the demand for cars as you like, but many people watching one of the two models: the RS and SS versions. My first test was hard with the six-cylinder power RS ​​(Rally Sport for) version. This V6 engine is a version of the company that General Motors is in many of its cars in those days. With direct injection and other modern technologies, this engine over 300 horsepower. For reference, the last of the fourth-generation Camaro that only about 20 hp more, and that was with a V8 engine.

From the cockpit

Standard equipment on the 2010 Camaro is great, but some materials are a little "hard on the eyes and a little" less soft to the touch for a car of this price. The dark interior contrasts with the thin sliver of light passing through the very attractive, but hard to see from the window. Some function is, unfortunately, sacrificed in the name of the form and sell more cars.

The RS may be the best option for many, with the standard independent rear suspension and the light that contributes to a six-cylinder front light with enough power to make the RS a great handling machine. Autocrossers possible, as the RS for this reason. But what the six missing, as well as a shock to V8 territory, is the kick in the pants and the power of sound corporate governance LS series of engines installed on more expensive models. Without further ado, let the Camaro "King of the Hill."
Generation 2

The larger second-generation Camaro featured an all-new sleek body and improved suspension. The 1970-1/2 Camaro debuted as a 2 +2 coupe, not convertible Was Offered Would not Appear and again until well into the third generation.

Most of the engine and drivetrain components Were Carried over from 1969 with the exception of the 230 in ³ (3.8 L) six cylinder - the base engine Was now the 250 in ³ (4.1 L) six rated at 155 hp (116 kW).


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