Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heavy Hitters, Nokturnal, and Swift car clubs had a car show at Hooters, some incredible paint and door hinge customization to be admired here

I should have got info about this Dodge Magnum wagon
It says Wounded Warrior Project down on the side

Nice upholstery job, not my style, but I appreciate the work and effort to make it look good
Check out all the different ways the hoods and doors are hinged, it's far out
I like the hood levering up over the windshield

$4500 dollars of airbrushing, wow!

For another look at this shows cars, look over Tere's gallery: Our mission is to create yet another pathway for young marines, sailors, or civilians to get involved in something positive instead of falling through the cracks of life. In each heavy hitterz is the mind set of being a family and staying together we will be able to lift up anyones head who is slipping away. Not only do we give back to the community, to family, to charity, but we do it because we want to. We are smiled upon for a reason and over time we only what that smile to get bigger and bigger across more and more peoples faces.

Heavy Hitterz Car & Bike Club was established on the fifteenth of November 2009 with four dedicated members that all had a common interest as well as a common dream. The dream to create a family. Not just any family, but a family that didn’t look at the material things that one has, but what what each and every person holds within. Thats what separates the Heavy Hitterz from any other club there is out. When the word “family” comes into play its meant. After awhile people started seeing this and joined slowly but surely up to this present time which is about 30 members strong. HH is 99% military based with marines and sailors deployed to Afghanistan, on ship, stationed in North Carolina, or right here in Sunny California. We are a legit club that is recognized in the California Car Club Association and participate in a lot of charity car show such as The All American Car Show that gave profits to the Blind or The Toys For Tots show on MCRD. We also do family days, car washes, BBQ, and other events that just exercises the fact that we are all family. We fight, argue, and disagree like any other family, but we protect, look after, and help out just the same. So if you ever see one of us out throw some H H’s up and smile because I guarantee they are doing it right back.

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