Monday, February 21, 2011

the Audi A5 supercars clearly belongs

When it comes to the 2010 Audi A5, there are many different features you need to know about it. This car is a great example of sophistication, luxury as well as performance that all operates in a wonderful harmony.

The exterior of this vehicle improves on the concept of the classic coupe. It has a muscular, low-slung stance as well as a pronounced single frame grill that has LED daytime running lights available on it. This feature is what gives this car an unmistakable Audi look, while also enhancing the look and aesthetic of the vehicle. This vehicle has a timeless shape to it as it has a sculpted, fluid look to it. From the attention of the body lines being sculpted and fluid, right down to the five spoke alloy wheels, this vehicle makes an elegant statement which helps to earn it "Design of the Year" from the Automobile Magazine.

This vehicle has been designed for the driver, with many storage spaces available in the cockpit, and also having benchmark materials as part of the design. Due to the design, the driver of the Audi A5 should have no issue in being able to reach the controls from their position, and they should have no issue with their comfort while driving. The finest materials have been used when it comes to the interior of this car, and the craftsmanship is wonderful. Some of the storage spaces in this vehicle are a spot to store your water bottle as well as storage nets on the back of the seat.
Luxury and Entertainment
While the interior of the Audi is very comfortable, you will be happy to know that your experience while driving this vehicle will be just as good. To make sure you are comfortable, leather seats are standard and the leather wrapped steering wheel is also standard. You can choose different genuine wood inlays to continue the level of sophistication of this car. A sunroof is another standard feature of this vehicle, which allows for fresh air and an unobstructed view of what is going on overhead.

When it comes to new cars, one of the biggest draws is the new technology within the vehicle. The Audi A5 is no different in that you will get the Audi valvelift system which is used to maximize air intake and exhaust to make sure you are getting the maximum performance. You will also receive Sirius Satellite radio with a free three month subscription to check it out. Another important piece of technology these days is the Bluetooth that is built into the car for easy hands free communication.

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